Issues > spring 2016

Volume 58
Issue 3

Table of Contents

Utilizing Big Data

Digital Data Streams: Creating Value from the Real-Time Flow of Big Data
by Federico Pigni, Gabriele Piccoli, and Richard Watson

How to Use Big Data to Drive Your Supply Chain
by Nada R. Sanders

Managing Communication

What Are Your Signature Stories?
by David Aaker and Jennifer L. Aaker

Frame or Get Framed: The Critical Role of Issue Framing in Nonmarket Management
by David Bach and Daniel J. Blake

Strategy and Organization

Open Business Models and Closed-Loop Value Chains: Redefining the Firm-Consumer Relationship
by Sebastian Kortmann and Frank Piller

Addressing Competitive Responses to Acquisitions
by David R. King and Svante Schriber

Revolution Foods: Expansion into the CPG Market
by Laura Tyson and Jennifer Walske

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