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Big Tech’s Greatest Asset: Diversity

America's booming tech sector relies on skilled labor from overseas. The H1-B visa program has historically proven at...

David Salisbury  

A Tale of Two Cities: Ticket Pricing and Diversity at Burning Man

Despite lofty aims for inclusivity, Burning Man has done little to curb the steep rise in ticket prices, and critics ...

Jeff Voss  

Lacking Diversity in Tech

Everyone has heard about the blooming success of tech in Silicon Valley. However, not everyone has been given equal o...

Elle Mahdavi  

LGBTQ Hiring: An Insight into the Workplace

Though the LGBTQ community has achieved a series of legislative successes, discrimination still produces serious barr...

Dennis Takeshita  

Genentech: Bridging the Gap Between Corporation and Community

Genentech, a pioneer in the field of biotechnology, is among a new group of firms seeking to dramatically improve med...

Danielle Miguel  

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