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CMR Insights is a new online platform for the latest in management thinking. It's free-to-access by everyone. Like our published articles, CMR Insights offer advice for better ways of doing business, examining topics with an eye for both theory and practical application. We created this platform to give authors, researchers, and practitioners a quick glimpse into new topics and emerging frontiers in the field of management.

The focus of the platform is on timeliness, breadth, and practitioner relevance, and it serves to complement the California Management Review, which publishes research that is peer-reviewed.

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Content Types

Who can submit?

Submission is open to current faculty, alumni, executives, MBA and PhD candidates, and motivated members of the general public with an interest in promoting better business practice. Other formats apart from those included above will be considered. Please note that all submissions should seek to provide guidance to practicing managers with a strong attention to current management scholarship.

  • Opinion - Short opinion pieces (500-1000 words)

  • Note - Short frameworks (500-1000 words)

  • Frontier - Research-based analysis (up to 3000 words)

Submission Requirements


All submissions that do not follow these 10 requirements will be returned unprocessed.

  1. Provide a very brief sentence to further describe your research. This will be a tagline to market your piece.

  2. There is no reviewing/editing process for CMR Insights. All submissions, if accepted for posting, will be formatted according to internal guidelines and posted AS-IS. Please ensure your submission is written exactly as you would like it to appear online.

  3. CMR Insights are intended to further the exploration of topics published by the peer-reviewed California Management Review journal. We encourage you to identify any CMR article that is related to your submission.

  4. Submit only one (1) contribution per form.

  5. Upload submissions in <.docx> file format only. No other formats will be accepted.

  6. All charts/graphs/figures/etc. must be "embedded" into the <.docx> file as a graphic with a minimum resolution of 500x800 pixels.

  7. All contributions must have no more than 20 endnote citations. Endnotes should be included in the body of the main text, as opposed to using Microsoft's reference features.

  8. Ensure that ALL hyperlinks in the contribution are working correctly.

  9. Contributions must adhere to the word limits for the "Submission Type" you choose to submit below:

    • Opinion - Short opinion pieces (500-1000 words, excluding citations)
    • Note - Short frameworks (500-1000 words, excluding citations)
    • Frontier - Research-based analysis (up to 3000 words, excluding citations)

  10. The title page(s) of your contribution must include the following items for ALL AUTHORS:

    • Full Names
    • Organizational Affiliations (Educational or Corporate)
    • Current email addresses
    • Current bios of 50 words or less

All submissions that do not follow the above 10 requirements will be returned unprocessed.

Submitting Online

If you are interested in submitting a piece to CMR Insights, please prepare a document and fill in our Online Submission Form. When submitting, you will be asked to include contact information for the lead author. If your submission has multiple authors, information for all authors should be included on the title page of the document. A file upload feature is embedded on the submission form; please submit in Microsoft Word (.docx) format. To upload a document, you will need a valid Google account. All submissions will be evaluated by our editorial team, who will respond by email within 7 business days, if not sooner. Accepted pieces will be posted to our website on a rolling weekly basis, within 1-4 weeks based on scheduling. If you have any questions, or if you would like initial feedback on a draft, please feel free to contact us directly at

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