The Revolutionary American Businessman

by Richard Farmer



American businessmen at home see them. selves as quite conservative politically. The Republican party, as well as other relatively conservative organizations, has benefited for generations from this tendency. The typical business response to suggestions for social change is to oppose them and yearn for free enterprise capitalism, with its precepts of thrift, hard work, and respect for order and authority. The thesis presented here is that American businessmen, as dominant leaders in the fields of commerce and industry, are actually at the very center of a revolutionary upheaval which already has deeply altered traditional United States and which is well on the way to destroying a seven-thousand-year-old way of life the world over. The modern view of a revolutionary is a bomb-carrying, bearded Marxist, but such persons are quite conservative compared to the neat gray-flannel-suited American executive. Indeed, the businessmen are far more insidious, since they profess conservatism while boring from within.

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