The Soviet Educational and Research Revolution: Implications for Management Development

by Barry Richman



With growing awareness among Soviet Union leaders, educators, researchers, and administrators of the need for an operational theory of management and extensive research in the field, several concrete steps have been taken since 1962. A number of research institutions have been organized specifically to undertake research projects in the field of management to develop operational management theory and improve management education in practice. Apparently, these recently established organizations and programs have not been very effective in their management research; at the important June 1965 economic conference at Moscow University, it was unanimously recommended by the participants that a new institute--staffed with highly qualified experts--be set up to deal exclusively with research and problems in industrial management and organization theory. However, some progress in Soviet management research is being made. A growing number of studies are being conducted at Soviet enterprises, and special facilities are being formed in some regions and at various industrial establishments to collect pertinent data and aid in the development of management theory.

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