Special Section on VUCA

Management Innovation in a VUCA World: Challenges and Recommendations
by Carla C. J. M. Millar, Olaf Groth, and John F. Mahon

Innovation, Dynamic Capabilities, and Leadership
by Paul J. H. Schoemaker, Sohvi Heaton, and David Teece

Design Roadmapping in an Uncertain World: Implementing a Customer Experience-Focused Strategy
by Euiyoung Kim, Sara L. Beckman, and Alice Agogino

Management Innovation Made in China: Haier's Rendanheyi
by Jedrzej George Frynas, Michael J. Mol, and Kamel Mellahi

Strategy and Organization

Building and Maintaining Strategic Agility: An Agenda and Framework for Executive IT leaders
by Josh Morton, Patrick Stacey, and Matthias Mohn

A Compass for Navigating Sharing Economy Business Models
by Pablo Muñoz and Boyd Cohen


Core Concepts

VUCA: How to Succeed in a Chaotic World (2:20)
Planning for the future is never easy. This is especially true in today’s world, where the unpredictable and unexpected have become the norm.

Dynamic Capabilities in an Uncertain World (3:49)
Today's rapidly changing world creates new demands on a company that are often hard to anticipate. Dynamic capabilities is a concept that pushes companies to integrate, build, and reconfigure internal competences to address radical shifts and changing environments.

Human-Centered Design (4:00)
Sproutel makes interactive toys for children diagnosed with a chronic illness. The organization's product strategy is motivated by a core focus on its users.

From the Blog

Towards a More Enlightened Sharing Economy
One of the goals of the sharing economy model is to enable the more efficient use of existing resources. But regulators are clamping down on services like Uber and Airbnb. How can sharing economy companies balance profits with positive community impact? (more)

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