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Volume 57
Issue 1

Table of Contents


A Better Way to Forecast
by Uriel Haran and Don A. Moore

The Japanese Software Industry: What Went Wrong and What Can We Learn from It?
by Robert E. Cole and Yoshifumi Nakata

A Service Lens on Value Creation: Marketing's Role in Achieving Strategic Advantage
by Lance A. Bettencourt, Robert F. Lusch and Stephen L. Vargo


Opportunity Creation in Innovation Networks: Interactive Revealing Practices
by Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa and Liisa Välikangas

Green Innovation Games: Value-Creation Strategies for Corporate Sustainability
Tommi Lampikoski, Mika Westerlund, Risto Rajala and Kristian Möller

Fish Friendly Farming: Water, Wine, and Fish—Sustainable Agriculture for a Thirsty World
Ernest Gundling

Core Concepts

Green Innovation Games
Since the 1990s, growing awareness of environmental issues has inspired an increased interest in corporate responsibility and sustainability. While it was once possible for firms to pursue regulatory compliance alone, today's businesses have to go farther.

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