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Issues > spring 2015

Volume 57
Issue 3

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Hybrid Organizations

Hybrid Organizations: Origins, Strategies, Impacts, and Implications
by Nardia Haigh, John Walker, Sophie Bacq and Jill Kickul

Benefit Corporation Legislation and the Emergence of a Social Hybrid Category
by Hans Rawhouser, Michael Cummings and Andrew Crane

Making Hybrids Work: Aligning Business Models and Organizational Design for Social Enterprises
by Filipe Santos, Anne-Claire Pache and Christoph Birkholz

Hybrid Organizations as Shape-Shifters:: Altering Legal Structure for Strategic Gain
by Nardia Haigh, Elena Dowin Kennedy and John Walker

How Hybrid Organizations Turn Antagonistic Assets into Complementarities
by Kai Hockerts

Identifying, Mapping, and Monitoring the Impact of Hybrid Firms
Diane Holt and David Littlewood

Strategic Responses to Hybrid Social Ventures
Matthew Lee and Jason Jay

Core Concepts

Understanding Hybrid Organizations
This animated introduction to the special issue on hybrid organizations defines hybrids, places them in their historical context, and introduces the strategies hybrids undertake to scale and grow, the impacts for which they strive, and their reception by mainstream firms.

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