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Volume 59
Issue 1

Table of Contents

Special Issue on City Innovation

The City as a Lab: Open Innovation Meets the Collaborative Economy
Boyd Cohen, Esteve Almirall, and Henry Chesbrough

Rise of the Startup City: The Changing Geography of the Venture Capital Financed Innovation
Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander

The Open Kimono: Toward a General Framework for Open Data Initiatives in Cities
Pascual Berrone, Joan E. Ricart, and Carlos Carrasco

The Making of the Urban Entrepreneur
Pablo Muñoz and Boyd Cohen

A Smart City is a Collaborative Community: Lessons from Smart Aarhus
Charles C. Snow, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, and Børge Obel

Governing the City: Unleashing Value from the Business Ecosystem
Ivanka Visnjic, Andy Neely, Carmelo Cennamo, and Nikola Visnjic

Smart Cities at the Crossroads: New Tensions in City Transformation
Esteve Almirall, Jonathan Wareham, Carlo Ratti, Pilar Conesa, Francesca Bria, Anibal Gaviria, and Amy Edmondson

Core Concepts

Smart Cities
Today, mass urban migration has challenged to meet the demands of a growing population. However, cities have also drawn innovation and technological development, transforming them into economic hubs.

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