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Volume 59
Issue 2

Table of Contents

Managing Technology

Decentralization and Localization of Production: The Organizational and Economic Consequences of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
by Avner Ben-Ner and Enno Siemsen

How to Avoid Innovation Competence Loss in R&D Outsourcing
by Markus C. Becker and Francesco Zirpoli

Supervising Projects You Don't (Fully) Understand: Lessons for Effective Project Governance by Steering Committees
by Christoph Loch, Magnus Mähring, and Svenja Sommer

Managing Customer Relationships

Seeding, Referral, and Recommendation: Creating Profitable Word-of-Mouth Programs
by Michael Haenlein and Barak Libai

A Better Way to Manage Customer Experience: Lessons from the Royal Bank of Scotland
by Stan Maklan, Paolo Antonetti, and Steve Whitty

Business & Society

Walmart's Emergent Low-Cost Sustainable Product Strategy
by Andrew Spicer and David Hyatt

Beyond the "Win-Win": Creating Shared Value Requires Ethical Frameworks
by Gastón de los Reyes, Markus Scholz, and N. Craig Smith

Core Concepts

The 3D Printing Revolution
Additive manufacturing has been called "the third industrial revolution." The widespread adoption of 3D printing will dramatically change the business landscape over the coming decades.

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