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Volume 59
Issue 4

Table of Contents


Neuromarketing: Inside the Mind of the Consumer
by Ming Hsu

Entering Conscious Consumer Markets: Toward a New Generation of Sustainability Strategies
by Boyd Cohen and Pablo Muñoz

Management Education

Economics of the Ed Tech Revolution
by Richard K. Lyons

Strategies for Higher Education in the Digital Age
by Pankaj Ghemawat

Corporate Strategy

Value Propositions for Disruptive Technologies: Reconfiguration Tactics in the Case of Electric Vehicles
by René Bohnsack and Jonatan Pinkse

In Pursuit of Product Modularity: Impediments and Stimulants
by Bardia Kamrad, Glen Schmidt, and Sezer Ülkü

Managing Co-opetition for Shared Stakeholder Utility in Dynamic Environments
by Jill A. Brown, Peter Gianiodis, Michael D. Santoro

Core Concepts

Neuromarketing - Inside the Mind of the Consumer
Neuromarketing is a brain-based approach to help marketers directly measure customers’ underlying thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Neurologists have taken the latest understanding of basic human cognition and applied it to marketing.

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