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Volume 60
Issue 2

Table of Contents

Special Section on Open Innovation

Open Innovation: Research, Practices, and Policies
by Marcel Bogers, Henry Chesbrough, and Carlos Moedas

Burying the Hatchet for Catch-Up: Open Innovation Among Industry Laggards in the Automotive Industry
by Marcelo Cano-Kollman, Snehal Awate, T. J. Hannigan, and Ram Mudambi

Crowd Equity Investors: An Underutilized Asset for Open Innovation in Startups
by Francesca Di Pietro, Andrea Prencipe, and Ann Majchrzak

Searching for Partners in Open Innovation Settings: How to Overcome the Constraints of Local Search
by Freek Meulman, Isabelle M. M. J. Reymen, Ksenia S. Podoynitsyna, and A. Georges L. Romme


How to Scale Crowdsourcing Platforms
by Thomas Kohler

How to Manage Crowdsourcing Platforms Effectively?
by Ivo Blohm, Shkodran Zogaj, Ulrich Bretschneider, and Jan Marco Leimeister

Internet-Based Entrepreneurial Finance: Lessons from Germany
by Lars Hornuf and Armin Schwienbacher

Marketing Strategy

Returning Customers: The Hidden Strategic Opportunity of Returns Management
by Felix Johannes Röllecke, Arnd Huchzermeier, and David Schröder

Core Concepts

Open Innovation and Disruptive Technology
Computer networks have ushered in a new era of collaborative innovation. Decentralization allows breakthrough ideas to surface from all over the world. And the open innovation model can help companies build the future.

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