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Volume 61
Issue 3

Table of Contents

Human Resources

Are You Ready for Gen Z in the Workplace?
by Holly Schroth

Affirmative Action and Its Persistent Effects: A New Perspective
by Conrad Miller

Corporate Strategy

Fretting about Modest Risks Is a Mistake
by Matthew Rabin, Max Bazerman

The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation: Idea Generation, Incubation, and Scaling
by Charles O'Reilly and Andrew J. M. Binns


The Prospects for Enlightened Corporate Leadership
by James O'Toole

Governing Multilateral Alliances
by Yves L. Doz

Core Concepts

Gen Z in the Workplace
Gen Z (1997-2013) are just now entering the labor market. It's essential for managers to understand the unique characteristics and needs of young talent.

Affirmative Action's Long-Lasting Effects
Affirmative action effectively reduces the employment gap for black workers. New research also demonstrates that many firms have continued to make diverse hires well after federal AA contracts have ended.

Fretting about Modest Risks is a Mistake
Managers often engage in risk-averse behavior, and economists, decision analysts, and managers treat risk aversion as a preference. In many cases, acting in a risk-averse manner is a mistake.

The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation
Facing imminent disruption, many large, established firms have embraced innovation as a way to develop new growth businesses. Firms need to master three distinct disciplines - ideation, incubation, and scaling.

The Prospects for Enlightened Corporate Leadership
Why is it so hard for businesses to behave responsibly, even when they intend to? James O’Toole explores the challenges faced by business pioneers who tried to do well by doing good.

Governing Multilateral Alliances
VThe governance of multilateral alliances is an increasingly important strategic option as But not all multilateral alliances present the same governance challenges - one important factor is co-specialization.

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