Issues > fall 2019

Volume 62
Issue 1

Table of Contents

Corporate Strategy

Why Giants Stumble
by Felix Barber, Jo Whitehead, and Julia Bistrova

Embracing Solutions-Driven Innovation to Address Institutional Voids: The Case of Uber and the Middle of the Pyramid
by Olivia Barbour and John Luiz

How Social Entrepreneurs Zig-Zag Their Way to Impact at Scale
by V. Kasturi Rangan and Tricia Gregg

Special Section on Open Innovation

Strategic Management of Open Innovation: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective
by Marcel Bogers, Henry Chesbrough, Sohvi Heaton, and David J. Teece

Managing Knowledge Sharing-Protecting Tensions in Coupled Innovation Projects among Several Competitors
by Audrey Rouyre and Anne-Sophie Fernandez

Designing Governance Mechanisms in Platform Ecosystems: Addressing the Paradox of Openness through Blockchain Technology
by Jessica Schmeiss, Katharina Hoelzle, and Robin P. G. Tech

Why Do Experts Solve Complex Problems Using Open Innovation? Evidence from the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry
by Yeolan Lee, Eric Fong, Jay Bryan Barney, Ashton Hawk

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