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Volume 63
Issue 3

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Technological Leadership and 5G Patent Portfolios: Guiding Strategic Policy and Licensing Decisions
by David J. Teece

The value of competing 5G technology standards shouldn't be judged by number of patents alone.

Designing a Future-Ready Enterprise: The Digital Transformation of DBS Bank
by Siew Kien Sia, Peter Weill, and Nila Zhang

Future-ready enterprises must incorporate the duality of exploitation and exploration.


Perfectly Confident Leadership
by Don A. Moore

Overconfident leaders put themselves, their teams, and their organizations at risk.


Acquisitions of Startups by Incumbents: The 3 Cs of Co-Specialization from Startup Inception to Post-Merger Integration
by Nir N. Brueller and Laurence Capron

What does a successful startup acquisition entail?

Innovation Outposts in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: How to Make Them More Successful
by Benoit Decreton, Felipe Monteiro, Jean-Marc Frangos, and Lisa Friedman

Many multinationals find it necessary to connect themselves to the vitality of ecosystems like Silicon Valley.

Even a Small Conductor Can Lead a Large Orchestra: How Startups Orchestrate Ecosystems
by Bernhard Lingens, Maximilian Böger, and Oliver Gassmann

Startups combine the speed and innovativeness of a small company with the power and resources of multiple larger firms.

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