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Volume 63
Issue 4

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The Blinkered Boss: How Has Managerial Behavior Changed with the Shift to Virtual Working?
by Julian Birkinshaw, Maya Gudka, and Vittorio D’Amato

Virtual working became the norm for most organizations in March 2020. How has managerial behavior changed as a result?

Agility as the Discovery of Slowness
by Christiane Prange

How can companies avoid the agility acceleration trap and align their level of agility with environmental complexity to include reflection and slowness?

Four Ways to Improve Risk Reporting
by Ruchi Agarwal and Sanjay Kallapur

Companies have improved their risk reporting by strengthening the vertical and horizontal communication of risks, reporting near misses, and communicating risk digitally through apps.


Preparing Organizations for Greater Turbulence
by Paul J. H. Schoemaker and George Day

Vigilant organizations excel at seeing threats and opportunities sooner than their rivals.

Causal Mapping for Strategy Execution: Pitfalls and Applications
by Andrew F. MacLennan and Constantinos C. Markides

Organizations can attempt to improve strategy implementation by developing strategy execution maps.

Partnering with Startups Globally: Distinct Strategies for Different Locations
by Shameen Prashantham

Partnering with startups is an important way by which large multinational corporations (MNCs) pursue open innovation.

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