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Volume 64
Issue 3

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Ecosystems and Open Innovation

The Forces of Ecosystem Evolution
by Marcus Holgersson, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Henry Chesbrough, and Marcel L. A. M. Bogers

Ecosystems depend on a delicate balance between forces that push activity toward greater integration, and those that push activity out onto the market.

How to Appropriate Value from General-Purpose Technology by Applying Open Innovation
by Jialei Yang, Henry Chesbrough, and Pia Hurmelinna-Laukkanen

An overly closed approach can prevent firms from deriving the benefits of general-purpose technology (GPT).

How Can Large Manufacturers Digitalize Their Business Models? A Framework for Orchestrating Industrial Ecosystems
by David Sjödin, Vinit Parida, and Ivanka Visnjic

Data is the new oil. For manufacturers, remaining competitive depends on their ability to digitalize their business models.

Harnessing Exaptation and Ecosystem Strategy for Accelerated Innovation: Lessons from the VentilatorChallengeUK
by Wei Liu, Ahmad Beltagui, Songhe Ye, and Peter Williamson

The VentilatorChallengeUK consortium moved quickly to speed up the design, regulatory approval, and manufacture of more than 81,000 ventilators during the COVID-19 crisis.

How to Compete When Industries Digitize and Collide: An Ecosystem Development Framework
by Michael G. Jacobides

How should firms best understand, engage in, and build business ecosystems?


Linking Executive Compensation to Climate Performance
by Robert A. Ritz

This article examines the different ways that climate-linked incentive pay is used at European and U.S. energy companies.

The Boon and Bane of Blockchain: Getting the Governance Right
by Curtis Goldsby and Marvin Hanisch

Countless enterprise blockchains fail to live up to high expectations, often because the supporting governance structures are insufficiently established or have become stagnant.

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