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Volume 66
Issue 2

Table of Contents

Structuring the Organization

The Changing Ranks of Corporate Leaders
by Peter Cappelli, Rocio Bonet, Monika Hamori

This article examines the attributes of the ten highest-ranked executives of the largest corporate enterprises in the United States—the Fortune 100—and compares how they have changed over the past 40 years.

Four Forms That Fit Most Organizations
by Henry Mintzberg

This article presents four forms of organizations—the personal enterprise, the programmed machine, the professional assembly, and the project pioneer—each with its own way of managing and crafting strategy.

Designing the Intelligent Organization: Six Principles for Human-AI Collaboration
by Vegard Kolbjørnsrud

This article presents principles and practical guidelines for how managers can succeed in growing the intelligence of their organizations by harnessing the complementary strengths of humans and artificial intelligence (AI).

Customer Relationships

Empowering AI Companions for Enhanced Relationship Marketing
by Rijul Chaturvedi, Sanjeev Verma, Vartika Srivastava

This article analyzes current and emerging Artificial Intelligence Companions (ACs) in order to explore AI’s role in transforming customer journeys and establishing long-lasting customer relationships.

The Business Value of Gamification
by Michael G. Jacobides, M. Dalbert Ma, Konstantinos Trantopoulos, Vasilis Vassalos

This article analyzes the connection between gamification and business success, focusing on customer retention, new customer acquisition, and transforming user perceptions.

Hope and Grit: How Human-Centered Product Design Enhanced Student Mental Health
by Dave Rochlin

Two organizations that focus on tech-based health innovation have partnered to improve the mental health of young adults.

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