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Activist Short Sellers Bring Many a Mighty Down

"Activist short sellers" are mysterious investors who benefit capital markets...

Partha Mohanram et al.  

Start-ups and Impact Investing

The role of impact claimed by start-ups for the balance sheet of venture capi...

Anastasia Koslova et al.  

Do Digital Technology Firms Earn Excess Profits?

Conventional accounting is often distorted in the digital technology sector.

Shivaram Rajgopal et al.  

So Obvious it’s Disruption: How Will the Financial Industry Respond to Ellevest?

The American financial industry has been trenchantly male since its inaugurat...

Rachel Parisi  

Join the Crowd: Goals, Funds, and Community

Crowdfunding platforms are often touted as a means of quickly raising money. ...

Danielle Miguel  

Crowdfunding: A Grassroots Revolution in Startup Investment

Today, small-time entrepreneurs with big-time ideas can leverage the geograph...

Adelia Gregory  

The Fundamentals of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is rapidly becoming and entrepreneurial mainstay. Some of the mo...

Amanda Wong  

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