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Volume 60
Issue 1

Table of Contents

Special 60th Anniversary Special Issue

Haas Research on Leadership: An Introduction
by David Vogel

How to Improve the Accuracy and Reduce the Cost of Personnel Selection
by Don A. Moore

Creating Incentives for Innovation
by Gustavo Manso

The Multisector Career Arc: The Importance of Cross-Sector Affiliations
by Nora Silver and Paul Jansen

Language as a Window into Culture
by Sameer B. Srivastava and Amir Goldberg

Changing the Narrative: Women as Negotiators — and Leaders
by Laura J. Kray and Jessica A. Kennedy

Who's Really Doing the Work? The Impact of Group Size on Over-Claiming of Responsibility
by Juliana Schroeder

Patagonia: Driving Sustainable Innovation by Embracing Tensions
by Dara O'Rourke and Robert Strand

Core Concepts

Don Moore - Traditional Interviews Don't Work
Traditional job interviews are notoriously poor predictors of actual work performance.

Nora Silver and Paul Jansen - The Importance of Cross-Sector Affiliations
Many current leaders have had meaningful cross-sector experience (public, private, nonprofit).

Juliana Schroeder - The Problem of Overclaiming
People often believe that they do more than their fair share of work.

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