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Volume 64
Issue 1

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Organizational Management

No Team Is an Island: How Leaders Shape Networked Ecosystems For Team Success
by Inga Carboni, Rob Cross, and Amy C. Edmondson

Today’s organizations rely on networks of dynamic systems of “agile” teams to get work done. The key is understanding the networked ecosystem in which teams are embedded.

Choose Your Enemies Well: Mapping, Managing, and Leveraging Rivalry
by Elisa Operti, Stoyan V. Sgourev, and Shemuel Y. Lampronti

Deeply felt rivalries between competing organizations (such as Apple and IBM in the 1980s) can represent a prime opportunity for managers.

Global Business

Incentivizing Environmental Improvements in Supply Chains through Data-Driven Governance
by Dara O’Rourke and Niklas Lollo

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Facility Environmental Module (FEM) is one of the world’s most advanced “data-driven governance” initiatives.

Tools and Technologies of Transparency in Sustainable Global Supply Chains
by Paul McGrath, Lucy McCarthy, Donna Marshall, and Jakob Rehme

Transparency is vital in the creation of sustainable and resilient supply chains. Modern technologies can foster transparency and inform corporate governance.


Share and Share Alike: How Inner Source Can Help Create New Digital Platforms
by Lorraine Morgan, Rob Gleasure, Abayomi Baiyere, and Hong Phuc Dang

The growing trend of “Inner Source” (adopting internal open-source/crowdsourcing practices within large organizations) can help companies become more platform-based.

SMEs’ Open Innovation: Applying A Barrier Approach
by Sandra Dubouloz, Rachel Bocquet, Catherine Equey Balzli, Elodie Gardet, and Romain Gandia

Unlike large firms, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) encounter more internal (versus external) barriers to open innovation.

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