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Volume 64
Issue 2

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Special Issue on Global Value Chains

The Future of Global Supply Chains in a Post-COVID-19 World
by Rajat Panwar, Jonatan Pinkse, and Valentina De Marchi

Automation and digitalization are likely to play a key role in the transformation of global supply chains.

Global Value Chain Resilience: Understanding the Impact of Managerial Governance Adaptations
by Liena Kano, Rajneesh Narula, and Irina Surdu

As GVCs recover from the initial shock, managers will make GVC restructuring decisions guided by long-term strategic considerations.

Resilience Decoded: The Role of Firms, Global Value Chains, and the State in COVID-19 Medical Supplies
by Gary Gereffi, Pavida Pananond, and Torben Pedersen

Lessons from case studies of four medical supply products—rubber gloves, face masks, ventilators, and vaccines.

Global Value Chain Reconfiguration and COVID-19: Investigating the Case for More Resilient Redistributed Models of Production
by Wendy Phillips, Jens K. Roehrich, Dharm Kapletia, and Elizabeth Alexander

Firms can enhance resilience by pursuing GVC reconfiguration through the adoption of redistributed manufacturing (RDM) in local production.

Global Value Chain Governance in the MNE: A Dynamic Hierarchy Perspective
by Paul Ryan, Giulio Buciuni, Majella Giblin, and Ulf Andersson

A dynamic hierarchy managerial response can eliminate global supply crises while maintaining the benefits of global efficiency.

Supplier-Selection Practices for Robust Global Supply Chain Networks: A Simulation of the Global Auto Industry
by Maxim Sytch, Yong Kim, and Scott Page

Regionalization can improve the robustness of supply chain networks.

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