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Volume 65
Issue 3

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Design & Innovation

Design Thinking for Organizational Innovation at PepsiCo
by Stefano Magistretti, Claudio Dell’Era, Cabirio Cautela, and Josip Kotlar

This study investigates the adoption of design thinking in the Design+Innovation unit at PepsiCo.

Orchestrating Human-Machine Designer Ensembles During Product Innovation
by Jan Recker, Frederik von Briel, Youngjin Yoo, Varun Nagaraj, and Mickey McManus

Firms can leverage different forms of machine designers in tandem with human designers to fundamentally change the way they engage in product innovation.

Leadership to Elevate Design at Scale: Balancing Conflicting Imperatives
by Gerda Gemser, Giulia Calabretta, and Eric Quint

A paradox perspective uncovers major challenges design leaders face when leading teams inside large organizations.

The Emergence of Dominant Designs in Artificial Intelligence
by Xavier Ferràs-Hernández, Petra A. Nylund, and Alexander Brem

A dominant-design battle in AI has emerged across industrial organization, technology management, network economics, operations management, and strategic management.

Corporate Strategy

Better CSR? Return to Neighborliness
by Yoann Bazin and Maja Korica

The extraordinary disruptions of the past three years are an opportunity to reengage with CSR in a more meaningful way, using neighborliness as a guide for transformation.

Commit or Not? How Blockchain Consortia Form and Develop
by Janine Hacker, Gianluca Miscione, Tobin Felder, and Gerhard Schwabe

In blockchain consortia, different companies band together to develop, govern, and operate a shared blockchain-based system.

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