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Volume 66
Issue 1

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Implementing AI

Getting AI Implementation Right: Insights from a Global Survey
by Rebecka C. Ångström, Michael Björn, Linus Dahlander, Magnus Mähring, and Martin W. Wallin

While the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) is pervasive, many companies struggle with AI implementation challenges.

Organizational Implementation of AI: Craft and Mechanical Work
by Konstantin Hopf, Oliver Müller, Arisa Shollo, and Tiemo Thiess

While firms are expected to invest nearly $98 B in 2023, many AI projects never leave the pilot phase, and many companies have difficulties extracting value from their AI initiatives.

Technology Strategy

How Incumbent Firms Respond to Emerging Technologies: Comparing Supply-Side and Demand-Side Effects
by Julian Birkinshaw

This article demonstrates that the way emerging technologies play out in established industries differs according to how the business system is affected.

Strategies for Value Reconfiguration in Online Platforms
by Kuchi Sanchita, Sumeet Gupta

Once scaled, online platforms reconfigure value to remain competitive. This article offers four strategies for reconfiguring online platforms: enhance interactions, enhance capabilities, offer new services, and nurture new transactions.

International Business

Chinese Multinationals’ Internationalization Strategies: New Realities, New Pathways
by Peter Zámborský, Zheng Joseph Yan, Snejina Michailova, and Vincent Zhuang

This article discusses how Chinese multinational enterprises internationalize in an era of increasingly fractured globalization.

From Buzzword to Biz World: Realizing Blockchain’s Potential in the International Business Context
by Juan Du, Bo Bernhard Nielsen, and Catherine Welch

This article discusses how firms can draw on lessons from failed cases and good practices of existing cases to enhance blockchain adoption.

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