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Volume 66
Issue 3

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Global Sustainability Frontrunners: Lessons from the Nordics
by Robert Strand

This article explores how nations like Denmark, Finland, and Sweden and companies such as Novo Nordisk and Ørsted achieve top sustainability rankings through their distinctive approach to stakeholder cooperation.


Digital Platform Grafting: Strategies for Entering Established Ecosystems
by Joakim Björkdahl, Marcus Holgersson, and David J. Teece

This article draws on the case of digital healthcare platforms and introduces the concept of platform grafting, which denotes the process of integrating a new platform into a pre-existing ecosystem.

Autonomy as a Strategic Dial: A Dynamic Framework for Managing Acquired Subsidiaries
by Thomas C. Lawton, Duncan N. Angwin, Brice Dattée, Jean-Luc Arrègle, and Paolo Barbieri

Through a longitudinal study of Audi’s post-acquisition integration of supercar manufacturer Lamborghini, this article provides guidance on how to manage the level of acquired subsidiary autonomy as a strategic dial that can be dynamically adjusted over time for mutual benefit.


Essential Capabilities for Successful Digital Service Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid
by Vijaya Sunder M and Siddhartha Modukuri

This article explores what capabilities firms should develop and how they should nourish them for value creation via digital service innovations at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP).

Digital Transformation in Corporate Banking: Toward a Blended Service Model
by Gergely Lóska and Juha Uotila

This article examines how a corporate bank reconfigured its relationship-oriented business model to benefit from digital transformation.

Closing the Innovation Performance Gap: Open Innovation in Military Bureaucracies
by Jasper Heeren, Vareska van de Vrande, Henk Volberda, and Erik de Waard

This study discovered that open innovation can have a negative effect on innovation performance within military bureaucracies.

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