Ten Things Every Manager Should Know About Nonverbal Behavior

by Dana R. Carney

Ten Things Every Manager Should Know About Nonverbal Behavior
Whether they're aware of it or not, managers influence the people they work with every day through posture, facial expressions, and other cues.


Managers - whether they realize it or not - have a profound influence over how people they work with think and feel. This article presents ten nonverbal behaviors managers should (or should not) be doing, the science behind them, and the tools to start modifying them. The ten topics covered are: avoiding micro-aggressions, liking and valuing others, building trust and consensus, listening, resting “cranky face,” power, status, intelligence, deception, and how to leverage the “wisdom of the crowd” to better “read” others. Knowing these nonverbal strategies can potentially make managers more effective in their workplace.


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