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Volume 63
Issue 1

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Navigating the New Era of Influencer Marketing: How to be Successful on Instagram, TikTok, & Co.
by Michael Haenlein, Ertan Anadol, Tyler Farnsworth, Harry Hugo, Jess Hunichen, and Diana Welte

Influencer marketing represents a $10 billion industry in 2020 and is becoming of increasing relevance for many firms. To succeed, they'll need to find the right influencers for the right markets.

Decison Making

Using Bayesian Updating to Improve Decisions under Uncertainty
by Brian T. McCann

Decision making requires managers to constantly estimate the probability of uncertain outcomes and update those estimates in light of new information.


Changing the Work of Innovation: A Systems Approach
by George S. Day and Gregory Shea

The Work System Approach can help leaders foster innovation for long-term organic growth.

When Agile Harms Learning and Innovation: (and What Can Be Done About It)
by Maria Carmela Annosi, Nicolai Foss, and Antonella Martini

Agile approaches inherited from software development can promote flexibility, with certain drawbacks.


New Product Development in an Omnichannel World
by Santiago Gallino and Robert Rooderkerk

Firms need to adapt their new product development capabilities rapidly to keep pace with evolving consumer patterns.

Blurring the Lines between Physical and Digital Spaces: Business Model Innovation in Retailing
by Milan Jocevski

Alternative physical retail spaces can be designed to meet new omnichannel demands.

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