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Volume 62
Issue 3

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Transformational Leader or Narcissist? How Grandiose Narcissists Can Create and Destroy Organizations and Institutions
by Charles A. O'Reilly and Jennifer A. Chatman

The same features that can make a strong leader - like confidence, charisma, and the willingness to take on risk - are also traits that strongly correlate with the DSM-5 definition of narcissism.

Friedman at 50: Is It Still the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase Profits?
by Karthik Ramanna

Fifty years ago Milton Friedman famously argued that the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits. As public institutions falter, business is now offering to step into the void.


The Risk of De-Risking Innovation: Optimal R&D Strategies in Ambiguous Environments
by Donald Drakeman and Nektarios Oraiopoulos

How can firms promote innovation under highly ambiguous conditions? Over recent decades, the majority of breakthroughs have come from a large group of small companies - as opposed to a small group of large companies.

Startup Supplier Programs: A New Model for Managing Corporate-Startup Partnerships
by Stefan Kurpjuweit and Stephan M. Wagner

Outside-in programs allow larger firms to harness the entrepreneurial vitality of smaller startups.


Data-Driven, Data-Informed, Data-Augmented: How Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands Live Unit Uses Data for Continuous Product Innovation
by Karl Werder, Stefan Seidel, Jan Recker, Nicholas Berente, John Gibbs, Nouredine Abboud, and Yossef Benzeghadi

To stay ahead of the competition, firms must continuously learn from their customers and swiftly adopt those lessons to improve their products. A unit at Ubisoft has developed a three-pronged innovation approach.

Design Thinking Inspired Crowdsourcing: Toward a Generative Model of Complex Problem Solving
by Matthew Mount, Heather Round, and Tyrone S. Pitsis

Some models of design thinking used in modern organizations fall short because they're too detached from users. Crowdsourcing could be a useful solution.

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