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Volume 63
Issue 2

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Ten Things Every Manager Should Know About Nonverbal Behavior
by Dana R. Carney

Whether they're aware of it or not, managers influence the people they work with every day through posture, facial expressions, and other cues.

Change Management

Ready or Not: Managers’ and Employees’ Different Perceptions of Digital Readiness
by Anne Gfrerer, Katja Hutter, Johann Füller, Thomas Ströhle

Digital transformation is now an essential requirement in the financial sector. It is important to align the perceptions of both managers and employees to ensure a successful transition.

Open Innovation

Tackling Societal Challenges with Open Innovation
by Anita M. McGahan, Marcel L. A. M. Bogers, Henry Chesbrough, and Marcus Holgersson

The ultimate objective of innovation should be to create value - and in this era, the process of innovation should be oriented toward addressing societal-level problems.

Open Innovation for Wicked Problems: Using Proximity to Overcome Barriers
by Ward Ooms and Roel Piepenbrink

Open innovation is a viable strategy to solve wicked problems, but their complexity makes management significantly more difficult.

Evolving a Value Chain to an Open Innovation Ecosystem: Cognitive Engagement of Stakeholders in Customizing Medical Implants
by Krithika Randhawa, Joel West, Katrina Skellern, and Emmanuel Josserand

Optimal innovation strategies now involve a large variety of internal and external participants.

Open Innovation’s “Multiunit Back-End Problem”: How Corporations Can Overcome Business Unit Rivalry
by Thuy Seran and Sea Matilda Bez

In the banking industry, collaboration with startups can rapidly accelerate digital transformation - but internal rivalry can become a barrier to implementation.

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