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Technology for Social Impact: Taking Stock of the Field, What is Working, and What is Not

While the social technology ecosystem is highly innovative, many efforts fail to achieve scale or impact.

corporate social responsibility
Shashi Buluswar  

Conscientious Organizations: How Business is Accelerating Toward a Fairer Future

This year presents an opportunity for organizations to seek greater purpose and fairness.

corporate social responsibility
Nicholas Ind et al.  

Who should care about the Facebook ad boycott?

More than 500 firms have committed to removing ads from Facebook.

corporate social responsibility
Vasilis Theoharakis et al.  

Friedman at 50: Is It Still the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase Profits?

As public institutions falter, business is now offering to step into the void. But corporate involvement in the publi...

corporate social responsibility
California Management Review  

The Benefits of Being an Earth-Friendly Business

Recent wildfires in Australia have further highlighted the need for rapid climate action.

corporate social responsibility
David Salisbury  

The False Dawn of Corporate Social Responsibility

The relative number of companies pursuing shareholder value remains high.

corporate social responsibility
David Vogel  

History Shows CEO’s Pledge to Serve all Constituencies Unlikely to Change Corporate Behavior

A group of CEOs recently pledged greater commitment to purposes beyond profit. But skeptics note that the pledge is s...

corporate social responsibility
James O'Toole  

The Young Guru Academy: Responsible Leadership as the Key to Corporate Success

The Young Guru Academy (YGA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes corporate social responsibility by challenging...

corporate social responsibility
Nikolas Jintri  

Burning Man: Social Responsibility in a Changing World

In a climate where demand for Corporate Social Responsibility continues to grow, can Burning Man keep up with demand ...

corporate social responsibility
Priscila Aoki  

Millennials and the Rising Demand for Corporate Social Responsibility

With a new generation of consumers that grew up with access to mass media, companies are under pressure to move beyon...

corporate social responsibility
Kelsey Chong  

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